A nontraditional path leads to rewarding career in education

Marco Pedroza’s journey to education differs from several of his colleagues. 

“I am a non-traditional educator,” Pedroza said. 

He worked at the University of Nebraska Medical Center before coming to Lincoln Public Schools as a Spanish bilingual liaison. One of his coworkers told him about the opportunity and thought he would be a good fit. Pedroza said he applied and the rest was history. 

“After working as a bilingual liaison, I could tell that this was my calling. I loved and continue to love serving others,” he said. “Being a people person, I enjoy getting to collaborate with all the different stakeholders involved in education.” 

Pedroza has now worked for LPS for 13 years serving in various capacities including as a business and technology teacher, basketball and soccer coach and most recently principal at Scott. Pedroza mentioned his Hispanic heritage and giving back to the community as one of his reasons for getting into education.  

“Growing up I did not have a lot of teachers or administrators that looked like me. So, just being visible to students and being able to show them that Hispanics can work in education is important,” he added. “My goal is for all students to understand they can be successful in any field they choose. It’s important to give everyone that same opportunity and access.” 

LPS recently named Pedroza as the interim HR Secondary Personnel Services Supervisor. He credits his leadership style to his father’s teachings on the importance of hard work and respect.  

“I am truly humbled and honored to be doing what I do. Leadership is a skill, not a position, and life is a journey,” he added. 

The educator hopes students and colleagues see him living out the values his father instilled in him every day when he shows up to work. 

“I want them to see me as a person that they can trust and come to. Someone who is genuine, works hard, and respects everything they do. We are a community, and it takes a collective effort to keep everyone going in the same positive direction,” Pedroza said. 


Published: November 29, 2022, Updated: November 29, 2022

Marco Pedroza, Ph.D, helping a student with this math homework.