Standing Bear High School unveils new mascot

Standing Bear High school staff revealed its new mascot to a crowd of Moore Middle School eighth-grade students on Nov. 22. 

The eighth graders eagerly waited to learn their future high school mascot will be the Grizzlies. In addition, the mascot logo unveiled pays homage to Chief Standing Bear’s son Bear Shield. The school’s colors will be Charcoal, Carolina Blue and Navy.

“Today, we remember him as one of the first civil rights activists, and we find honor in representing him and his son in our school’s name Standing Bear and our mascot,” Standing Bear High School Associate Principal Trisha Lind said. 

Standing Bear’s staff collaborated closely with the Ponca Tribe and several community indigenous leaders while deciding the mascot to best honor Chief Standing Bear’s legacy.  One of his descendants, Stacy Lavarie, helped with the process. She attended the special ceremony on the behalf of the Ponca Tribe. 

“This is a very historical moment for Nebraska. What this really means is sets the pace for healing for Indigenous people,” Lavarie said. “It sets the pace for you as students to serve as you must treat others and how we must be what we do today in fact will implicate what happens in the future.”   

Moore students were also instrumental in the decision-making of Standing Bear’s mascot. It was only right that a few future Grizzlies helped with the unveiling. 

“You get to be on the ground floor and have the pride of being the first graduating class from Standing Bear High School. You will continue to have that pride wherever you go as long as you walk this earth,” Standing Bear High School Athletic Director Jeremy Schroeder said. 

Standing Bear High School will be one of Lincoln Public Schools’ newest high schools. It’s currently under construction near 70th and Saltillo Road with plans to open in fall 2023. 

 Look at some highlights from the reveal below. 

Published: November 23, 2022, Updated: November 23, 2022

Standing Bear High School's new mascot.