Veterans Day 2022

Schools throughout Lincoln honored service members past and present for Veterans Day. Events included special ceremonies, service activities, guest speakers and visitors. Below are highlights from some of the ceremonies.

Brownell Elementary

Brownell Elementary held its first Veterans Day celebration. Students invited their military loved ones to recognize and thank them for their service. The buffaloes recited poems and sang songs like “This Land is Your Land” while waving mini flags. 

Campbell Elementary School

At Campbell Elementary School family members of staff and students who served or have served in the military welcomed students into the building. Then the veterans were invited for a special breakfast served by Campbell student leaders. The invited guests then headed into each classroom where they read to students and spoke about their experiences. 

Fredstrom Elementary School

Each year, Fredstrom Elementary School invites students' family members who serve or have served into the cafeteria for a special lunch. This year, over 50 family members filled the cafeteria to share their experiences with their student's classmates. Fredstrom Principal Cheryl Richter had each veteran stand and be thanked by the students.

Kloefkorn Elementary School

Several veterans visited Kloefkorn Elementary to share their stories about working in the military. Chief Warren Officer (CW4) Richard Davis spoke to fourth graders about his Nebraska Army National Guard job. He even brought supplies like a helmet and food they would eat in the field. 

Lux Middle School

Lux Middle School honored service members with a special assembly on Friday, Nov. 4. The school’s band and chorus performed songs like the “Armed Forces Medley.” Then, they commemorated 94-year-old retired Marine Art Jones. He was a part of “Chosin Few” who served in the Korean War. 

Morley Elementary School

Friday morning, Morley Elementary welcomed in veterans for an all school assembly. All of the veterans in attendance were related to a student or staff member at Morley, who stood when the veteran introduced themselves.  One of Morley's own staff members, computer teacher Ron Schinkel, also joined the veterans on stage to be honored for his service.

Sgt. Tony Franklin (SFC), husband of Morley fourth grade teacher Janelle Franklin, was the guest speaker.  He talked to students about the history of Veterans Day, what a veteran is, and the freedoms those in the military serve to protect. 

Fourth grade students also led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance and "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Riley Elementary School

Riley Elementary School held a special event for family members of students who serve or have served in the military. Family members were welcomed into the cafeteria for cookies and punch. Then they paraded through the halls to the gym while students cheered them on waiving special signs they created. During a special ceremony in the gym, Northeast High School students who participate in the Junior Air Force ROTC program presented the colors while Taps was played by UNL junior Brock Godown. The Riley chorus performed the "Star Spangled Banner". Riley student leaders spoke about the history of Veterans Day along with a special video message that played.

Rousseau Elementary School

A staff member at Roussea Elementary got a special visit from a former student on Veterans Day.  Second grade teacher Hope DaCosta-Schiltz received flowers and a visit from Tavarius, who was in her very first class at Huntington Elementary.  Tavarius is now in the Army, and shared that DaCosta-Schiltz was his favorite teacher, and knowing that she served in the Army as well, he wanted to follow in her footsteps. He said she gave him hope - no pun intended. 

Tavarius and Hope during his visit on Veterans Day and a photo of Tavarius as a second grade student in Ms. DaCosta-Schiltz's class.

Zeman Elementary School

Zeman Elementary's Young Scholar Committee met after school on Friday and did activities to honor veterans.  First, they had a two-minute moment of silence at 3:11 p.m. to honor those who have served.  Next, they wrote thank you notes to be mailed to veterans, thanking them for their service and sacrifice.  They then headed down to the cafeteria to box up household cleaning items that will be donated to veterans who need them.  The Young Scholar Committee is made up of fifth grade students at Zeman, with the purpose of completing service projects and learning how to be young leaders.

Published: November 11, 2022, Updated: November 14, 2022